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  3. What steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue

  4. Screenshots demonstrating the issue

  5. The relevant sections of your installation profile or configuration including the codes and settings defined for your local elements.

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  2. Your mapping

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Uploading document type media UPDATE

edited February 2017 in Troubleshooting
Ubuntu 16.04/Providence 1.7, Schema 143/FireFox 51.0.1.Hi again, Sorry for all the questions! I am running 1.7 dev., and appreciate that this version is still in the development phase but I am experiencing the following in my installation. I can upload mp3, mp4, pdf, and .doc files and see the thumbnails. However when I try uploading .odt, .ods, xml or html files no thumbnails (only blanks) are generated and nothing shows up in the document viewer. If I comment out the external application path to libreoffice and  then upload a .doc file  I get the same result i.e a blank thumbnail. This leads me to believe that libreoffice is not recognizing any files other than .doc. Further more if a try and upload .xls files the system crashes, and I can't find any error messages. Am I doing something wrong or expecting too much from the dev version at this stage.  Thanks for your patience.
PS If I run libreoffice filename.odt or filename.xls or filename.ppt or filename.ods or filename.xml libreoffice opens the files


Hi, I have discovered that the path app/temp, vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLpurifier/DefinitionCache does not exist in my 1.7 dev install. Has this not been added yet or is the intention to do something else? - I think this may be the source of my problem. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • edited February 2017
    My apologies -my mistake I see this is no longer under app/vendor,tmp but directly under providence/vendor. Permissions seem to be ok so back to square one.
  • Hello, finally manged to get xls docs to upload and I am able to view them in the Doc Viewer. My problem was that my gmagick-php extension was not installed properly. .ppt uploads still don't work. (1.7dev)
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