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User Access - Related Links

Hi everyone,

I have been setting up our CollectiveAccess with 2 other staff members, and I'm slowly trying to provide access to other staff who would find it useful. I don't want them to have full administrator access, however, I would like them to be able to jump between related records. For example, if they're looking at a loan record, they could click on the related objects links and get taken to the object records, instead of having to do a separate search for the objects.

Is this possible without giving them administrative access? I gave them read/edit access to all the "related" metadata elements, but that doesn't work since all they see are displays. I'm not sure how to give them access to the related information without giving them full editing access.

Thanks in advance!



  • You need to enable the action "Can modify" for a specific role. They then have the links to the basin cinf, related, etc screens (on the left).
    You can limit their modification access based on the metadata.

    I hope it helps !

  • Which "can modify" do I need to enable? Is it one of the options under Access Roles?

    I had already gone through all the metadata elements under Access Roles and checked "Read Access" or "Read/Edit Access" for the fields that I wanted them to be able to see or edit--but all that seems irrelevant since they can only see Summary displays. 

    Yeah, I just realized that they were supposed to be able to edit certain fields (brain kind of blitzed on that one when I was writing my original question, sigh....)

    I tried giving them "can edit" access for one of the user interfaces, but that didn't change anything either, it just shows the Summary displays.

    Thanks for your help! I assume there's something relatively straight-forward that I'm just not seeing.

  • Never mind!!! Found the answer!

    You have to check "Edit ___" for whatever module it is under "Actions". All the specific field designations then under Metadata are then visible, so you can still pick what they can actually edit or see.

    Thank you!
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