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Providence: Adding search results to existing set?

edited March 2017 in Troubleshooting
When searching for objects you can use the set tools on the left hand site to either:
  • add checked results to existing sets
  • create set from either checked results or from all results

Is it possible to add all results to an existing set rather than to create a new one?



  • No. That would be nice though.
  • A pity. I'll try to work around it then. Thanks!
  • edited March 2017
    I solved it by modifiyng the respective functions. It works but I don't know if it's a dirty hack or not since I don't speak any php or javascript and since I figured it all out through trial-and-error. All I did was reproducing the mechanism from the 'create set from results'-mechanism. Yet as far as I could tell it seems to behave nicely and without any deep impact on the default-code from CA. The two files I modified are:
    •     /var/www/html/themes/default/views/find/Search/search_sets_html.php
    •     /var/www/html/app/lib/ca/BaseFindController.php
    Within search_sets_html.php I added the following bold lines.

    First within <div id="searchSetTools">

        print caHTMLSelect('set_id', $va_options, array('id' => 'caAddToSetID', 'class' => 
        'searchSetsSelect'), array('value' => null, 'width' => '140px'));
        print " ";
        print caHTMLSelect('set_add_mode',
                _t('from results') => 'from_results',
                _t('from checked') => 'from_checked'
            array('id' => 'caAddToSetFromResultsMode', 'class' => 'searchSetsSelect'),
            array('value' => null, 'width' => '140px')

        print caBusyIndicatorIcon($this->request, array('id' => 'caAddToSetIDIndicator'))."\n";

    and secondly within function caAddItemsToSet()

        '<?php print caNavUrl($this->request, $this->request->getModulePath(),
        $this->request->getController(), 'addToSet'); ?>',
            set_id: jQuery('#caAddToSetID').val(),
            mode: jQuery('#caAddToSetFromResultsMode').val(),
            item_ids: caGetSelectedItemIDsToAddToSet().join(';')

    Then in the file BaseFindController.php I added / modified following bold lines:

    public function addToSet() {

        $vn_added_items_count = $vn_dupe_item_count = 0;
        $ps_rows = $this->request->getParameter('item_ids', pString);

        $vs_mode = $this->request->getParameter('mode', pString);
        if ($vs_mode == 'from_checked') {
            $pa_row_ids = explode(";", $ps_rows);
        } else {
            $pa_row_ids = $this->opo_result_context->getResultList();

        if ($vs_mode == 'from_checked' && (!$ps_rows || !sizeof($pa_row_ids))) {
            $this->view->setVar('error', _t('Nothing was selected'));
            } else {
                $t_model = $this->opo_datamodel->getInstanceByTableName($this->ops_tablename, true);

    That's all. I imititated the logic of the set-creation as closely as I could. Don't know if it's of help to anyone. Use at your own risk though!

  • Classic. Forgot to attach the files. I've added my username 'OnoSendai' to the respectively changed lines. Also I had to change their type from .php to .txt since I couldn't upload php files.
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