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Changing label of "Object Identifier"

edited November -1 in Troubleshooting
We are working on a prototype for a French-speaking museum, but for the sake of simplicity I think it's best to keep the locales setting to en_US, as there is no direct need to have the cataloging interface in French or to do multi-lingual cataloging. I just want to give the object types and the metadata elements names in French, and encode metadata and lists in that language. There is just a minor issue: I want to use the element "Object identifier" to store the accession number of the museum, but therefore I would like to change the label of that field to "Numéro d'inventaire", just to be coherent with the other names of the metadata elements. So there's no need to change the id of the field in the database, it just concerns the display of the name. But I haven't found a way to modify the label, not through the base profile or the DC profile we're using as a starting point, or over the UI.

This really is a detail, we can just create a new field "Numéro d'inventaire" and put some random unique number in the "Object identifier" field but I just wanted to see whether there would be an easy way to get around this issue.

Any other problems/issues we might bump into in regards to the use of French? I guess we can modify all the field names and other structural elements that are published through Pawtucket?



  • The only way to change the label for the object identifier (which is a special case in that it is baked into the record - its presence is not configured) is in the profile. There is no web ui for this, which admittedly sucks and needs to be addressed.

  • Thanks, it's absolutely no issue to modify this in the profile but as I mentioned in my question I already looked in the DC and the base profile. In the meanwhile I had a look at the message.po file of the en_US directory in app/locale, where the different locales are listed. The term "object identifier" pops up regularly but I don't manage to find the instance of the term, which I could eventually rename the field "object identifier". Or am I looking in the wrong place?

    Thanks for the help!
  • You can change it in the locale or you can change it at the point you actually place it in the user interface. Changing it in the locale is the preferred approach.

    If you want to use a locally tweaked version of a locale (say en_US) without actually nuking the standard ones, just make a copy of the locale in question from app/locale to app/locale/user and then make your changes on the copy. CA will use the version in app/locale/user in preference to the standard one.

    Hope this actually answered the question :-)
  • Hi Seth,

    I know this is an old thread, but I have been looking for an answer to this same scenario of wanting to control the Object Identifier label of the front end, from somewhere on the back-end like I've been able to with other items through Lists & Vocabularies. Has anything changed since this thread in 2011? I've searched and have yet to find a more recent solution.

    Thank you,

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