Consulting Services
In addition to free support via the project wiki and forum, dedicated consulting and hosting services are also available.

Whirl-i-Gig, CollectiveAccess's development team, works directly with end-users who require assistance in realizing their projects. Consulting may include specific services such as data migration or new feature development, or may span a full project lifecycle from design to implementation to publication. All work is performed under GNU General Public License v3, ensuring that contracted development becomes part of upcoming software releases, further strengthening the CollectiveAccess community.

If you are interested in consulting services please contact us at with some information about your project, such as:

  • What type of material will be catalogued?
  • What metadata standards will be used, if any?
  • Will you need to import any existing data?
  • Does the project require a public website? 
  • Is there any custom development required for features not currently supported? 
  • What is your project timeline?

We suggest exploring our demo system as you plan for your project.


Data Migration

The Whirl-i-gig team specializes in migrating data from outdated or deprecated content management systems to CollectiveAccess. Our developers can help you extract your legacy data and develop a custom metadata schema, or improve on an existing one, to accommodate your records. Legacy data and media can then be ingested into CollectiveAccess as is, or we can help you clean up and streamline data that needs extra help. Our team has successfully migrated archives from legacy systems including:

  • PastPerfect
  • ContentDM
  • FileMaker
  • ArtForm
  • The Museum System (TMS)
  • Open-Records-Generator
  • ArtBase
  • Microsoft Access
  • MimsyXG
  • Embark
  • CollectionSpace
  • ResourceSpace
  • Archivists Toolkit
  • DSpace
  • Luna
  • MediaBin
  • Omeka


Hosting is now available

Whirl-i-Gig offers cloud-hosting packages for CollectiveAccess projects of all sizes. Hosting with Whirl-i-Gig is a simple solution for users who don’t have in-house server administration or technical support for third-party server management.

Information & Pricing