The CollectiveAccess development team uses Git version control software and GitHub to manage project source code. GitHub keeps track of all changes made to the code and facilitates simultaneous work by geographically dispersed developers.

Public access to the CollectiveAccess GitHub area is available at The area contains repositories for the Providence cataloguing application and Pawtucket public collections presentation software. If you want to contribute code to the project simply fork us on GitHub and then submit pull requests for the changes you want us to incorporate. We love receiving bug fixes and have been known to reward top bug hunters with cheap gifts. If you're interested in developing a new feature be sure to coordinate with us first on the support forum or by email at We may already be working on it!

To report software bugs, request new features and suggest improvements use the CollectiveAccess issue tracker at The tracker uses JIRA, issue tracking software kindly donated by its developer, Atlassian. Please file all bug reports and feature requests on JIRA. If you have any questions prior to filing a report feel free to ask on the support forum or by email at

A wiki is maintained with ongoing documentation and development notes at To control spam entries, write access to the documentation wiki is restricted. If you wish to contribute documentation please contact us at and we'll be happy to create a full-access login for you. User contributed documentation is always greatly appreciated!

Automatically generated class documentation for all CollectiveAccess library code is generated nightly and available at For general development questions post queries on the support forum