Whirl-i-Gig offers cloud-hosting packages for CollectiveAccess projects of all sizes. Hosting with Whirl-i-Gig is a simple solution for users who don’t have in-house server administration or technical support for third-party server management. Please note that at this time our hosting service is designed to accommodate projects only after initial configuration is complete.

Hosting users should have either:
• a CollectiveAccess system hosted on another server
• a CollectiveAccess database snapshot or back-up
• or, for new projects: a completed installation profile with configuration files and a completed front-end theme (if applicable)

All hosting packages include:
• free software installation
• free software updates as new version of CollectiveAccess are released
• free server issue and server maintenance resolution
• free system migration for CollectiveAccess installations hosted on other platforms
• free nightly back-ups of all data and media

The following levels are sufficient for most projects, but please feel free to contact us for custom specifications at

Virtual Cores Memory Storage Network Bandwidth Cost
Level 1 1 3.75 gb 100 gb Egress - 50 gb $175/mo
Level 2 2 7.5 gb 200 gb Egress - 100 gb $285/mo
  • Additional Storage is available at $50/month for each 100GB allotment.
  • Overage Fees are $0.25/gig in Americas & Europe and $0.40/gig in Asia.