CollectiveAccess developers Seth Kaufman and David Henry will be offering a "boot camp" workshop at the Museums and the Web 2011 conference on April 6th in Philadelphia, PA. The 3 1/2 hour workshop will focus on getting attendees quickly up to speed with the software. Installation, setup and use of both the cataloguing tool (Providence) and public presentation interface (Pawtucket) will be covered and successful applications explored as models for participants own projects. If you're planning to attend MW2011 and want a hands-on introduction to CollectiveAccess you can sign up at We hope to see you in Philadelphia!


Yes, please can this be made a webinar? I'm in New Zealand and would love to learn more about how to customize this software. I also see that you have templates for Dublin Core, etc. and wonder if you have plans to create a template for CONA (the Getty's Cultural Objects Name Authority)? I'm also curious if you know how it might integrate with MDID3? (As I could see many University Visual Resource Collections benefiting from what you've created.) Many thanks!

The workshop was cancelled yesterday afternoon for lack of attendance, but as of this morning may be back on. Apparently CollectiveAccess users tend to register late for things. Stay tuned!