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Pawtucket and locales

edited 11:50AM in Pawtucket
I am trying to enable Polish locales but I'm still missing something.
1. I have copied pawtucket/app/locale/en_US/messages.* to pawtucket/app/locale/pl_PL/messages.* and translated that file in poedit.
2. I have included


in pawtucket/conf/global.conf and made sure Polish locale exists in ca_locales table.

pl_PL locales work fine in Providence but not in Pawtucket. I still see only English, Deutsch and Francais in the language selector.


  • Try adding pl_PL to the "ui_locales" list in pawtucket/app/conf/app.conf or, if your theme has a theme-specific app.conf file, in themes/<your_theme>/conf/app.conf (this overrides the global app.conf file)

    like so: ui_locales = [en_US, pl_PL]
  • Right, now I got Polish in the pull-down menu on the pawtucket main page, sometimes it works and I can see some of the messages in Polish, sometimes I'm getting "Could not load language 'pl_PL'" but that's probably because my translation is still far from complete. I'll send the translation when it's sort of usable.
  • Still no luck, I got localization of Pawtucket's messages.po 100% finished but the only pages which display properly with Polish localization are


    All other pages display only

    Could not load language 'pl_PL'

    Would be very grateful for any ideas.
  • It seems it's not an issue with cleanup_before_release version.
  • Ok, can you use that version or is it a problem?
  • I know this is an old thread, but did you solve this? I got the same problem. Info pages works fine but detail pages and some browse pop ups give me "Could not load language".
  • For what locale? sv_SV?
  • Yep. Tried with an old translation and with a newly created one based on the files from the github. As soon as I name something sv_SE it fails. Even if I copy the exact files from the german och french translations.
  • What do the locale settings in app/conf/global.conf look like?
  • Right now its [en_US, de_DE, sv_SE] but I've tried with just sv_SE as well. I also tried different variations for the UI locales in app.conf and default locale in setup.php
  • Any news regarding this?
  • Did you create a translation for the date parser in app/lib/core/Parsers/TimeExpressionParser/ ?
  • I did not. But now I have and it works! Thanks. I love when there's an easy fix.
  • Sorry I did not think of that earlier. For what it's worth, the steps required are mentioned here:
  • edited May 2016
    I'm having also trouble with the translation file in pawtucket.

    I generated a folder de_CH in app/locale and generated the .po file a new with poedit.
    I updated the following files/configs:
    setup.php:      define("__CA_DEFAULT_LOCALE__", "de_CH");
    app.conf:        ui_locales = [de_CH]
    global.conf:    locale_defaults = [de_CH]
    Finally I created a translation for the date parser and added an entry to the ca_locales table.

    Non of the translations I made so far are showing on my website. It is simply printing the text within _t("   ").
    Correction: some of the terms show translated on the site.

  • Is this pawtucket or pawtucket2?
  • It's pawtucket2
  • Ok, now more and more terms are being translated one by one. It seems everytime I refresh the page another one appears translated somewhere.
    Really odd behavior.
    There is no difference in which browser I'm using, so I can rule out something browser history/cache related.
  • Try killing the translation cache in app/tmp
  • Thx! Deleting all content of the tmp folder did do the trick.
  • Unfortunately, still not all terms are translated. Some that already were translated reverted back to english and other single ones never change.
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