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Sorting by bundle element in a display

edited 5:48AM in Pawtucket
In Providence, is it possible to indicate which subelement of a bundle should be the sortable element in a display? For example, we have a dimensions bundle - containing height, width, and depth. Is it possible to say that the height element should be the data used to sort? Currently, if I sort by that field in a display, it defaults to a sort by idno.


  • You could format the bundle to display only the height field or to display the height first:

    However, containers are the one of the few CollectiveAccess Datatypes that don't support the setting canBeUsedInSort. The best approach may be to use the display templates and then to download to Excel.
  • Thanks, Julia - a follow-up for clarification... if I restrict a bundle template to only show a single element in a display, should I be able to sort on that? I do have another bundle consisting of a daterange and a list, with only the daterange showing in the display, and I see the same behavior.
  • Right. Even though you are limiting the display to one sub-element of the container, the display is still trying to sort on the datatype (container) that doesn't support sorting.
  • Is there a way for to "pull-out" the sub-elements of a container?

    I created a 'Dimensions' bundle with Width, Height, Weight and Depth as sub-elements. Since containers cannot be sorted, is there a way for me to extract these sub-elements and create new bundles for each so they may be sorted?

    We've already encoded a lot of records and I'm hoping there is a way that a "sort-able" bundle could retrieve the data encoded under the different sub-elements.
  • Unfortunately not in the way you're describing. We do support "pulling" sub-elements out via display templates, but those still aren't sortable. This is something we may improve in subsequent versions of the software. 

    It would be possible to create new elements (not in a container), export your data and reimport it, but that may not be worth the effort. As I mention above you can set up a display with the sub-elements isolated in different columns and then sort in an external application such as Excel.
  • Thanks Julia!
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