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Item access to two separate groups

edited 5:33AM in Troubleshooting
What I want to accomplish is to have users which belongs to two different groups. The users should be able to see all that the other members of the group creates, but not to be able to see anything the other group creates.
Is this possible?
When I in app.conf sets:

default_item_access_level = __CA_ACL_NO_ACCESS__

ca_objects_acl_inherit_from_ca_collections_default = 1

The catalougers can then not create any new objects, entities etc.

So I have to set:
default_item_access_level = __CA_ACL_READONLY_ACCESS__

But then the different groups can see each others objects.


  • I don't know if I actually understand what you're asking. Is what you want simply to have two groups of users, and each group can only see items created by other members of their group? If so, then yes this can be done providing they set the group ACL for each item they create correctly, or you set it on the collection and inherit it.
  • Yes I want to have two groups of users, and each group can only see items created by other members of their group. I've tried to accomplish this by setting the rights on the collection and inherit it.

    The problem is that even though I have "no access" on the global access on the collection it don't inherits it to when the default_item_access_level = __CA_ACL_READONLY_ACCESS__ is set and when default_item_access_level = __CA_ACL_NO_ACCESS__ is set the catalougers can't creates new objects.

    Actually it only inherit the group access from the collection. I've also set a User access that dosen't inherits to the object.
  • Hello, we are trying to do the same as blajo, and configure "no access" as default in Global access. We wrote default_item_access_level = CA_ACL_NO_ACCESS in app conf and didn't get the results wanted, it wasn't possible to create objects even though as an user I have permit to create and edit objects.

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