CIDOC CRM Compliance

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I am wondering if open access has an installation profile for the CIDOC CRM standard?


  • We don't know of one and at this point we still know pretty much everyone writing profiles, so that means it doesn't exist (yet). It is certainly possible to write one - we had CIDOC in mind when we designed 0.6. If you want to work on a CIDOC profile we can have someone here collaborate with you. It would nice to have that one checked off the list.

  • There is not installation profile for LIDO currently. You could write one yourself though.
  • Thanks alot seth... 

    I suppose that to proceed with this, the documentation is available in the developers section?
  • Hi,

    LIBIS created a LIDO profile in the framework of an European ICT-PSP project called Europeana Inside.

    In this project LIBIS is using CollectiveAccess as our ECK local repository. ECK stands for Europeana Connection Kit, a tool for managing and sending data to Europeana according to the required Europeana protocols (EDM format, OAI-PMH or SWORD protocol). Within Europeana Inside it was agreed by the partners (mainly coming from the museum domain) that the intermediate format before going to the Europeana Data Model (EDM) would be LIDO. LIBIS is providing content form the Library domain, so we are using MARC, but because we also worked on a LIDO implementation.

    The ECK is still a work in progress and we'll share more about this later. You can find the LIDO profile attached. I've been involved in the the Athena project where the standard was initialized and know it quite well, but the profile might need some review since it was my first CA installation profile and now with the interstitial records possible in CA1.4 it might be possible to refine it further.

    As for the CIDOC profile, it's something that's of interest to me as well, so I'll be happy to hear more about this.

  • Just an update here, I've put up online the LIDO profile, fixed to validate with the latest CollectiveAccess code.
    For now, there are no modification except those to the LIBIS profile (thanks to them and Roxanne), I did not find it on libis github so I could make a pull request. 
    My aim is to add a french translation to this profile, no particular profound correction for now. This has been made at loss times during the MIMO workgroup in Chopin institute, Warsaw, 6 to 8/04/2016.

  • Great! LIDO will be interesting for a lot of Europeans -- I've been asked about it on more than one occasion lately.

    Let us know when you're done and we'll be happy to incorporate it a s a standard profile in the next release!
  • Hello, I tried LIDO profile ( in the last version of CA, but it give the following error: "There were errors parsing the profile(s): Profile validation failed. Your profile doesn't conform to the required XML schema". There will be a new version of the xml?.

  • Here's a version of the LIDO profile that should validate.

  • Thank you! I already installed the profile to try it.

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