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I have been using Pawtucket 1.1 and I have some problems with the Gallery:

1) The user (who has login for Pawtucket) can’t delete his own collection. How can system administrator delete this collection?

2) I am going to use “My sets” for publishing some content in Pawtucket Gallery. I can view sets with “objects” in Pawtucket Gallery but I can’t view sets with “collections”, “entities” or another type of content (all sets have “accessible to public” status).


  • For #1, the answer in v1.2 is that the set doesn't get deleted since no one can see it but the owner. In v1.3 (and on GitHub right now) administrators and users with delegated "set admin" privileges can optionally see, edit and delete other users' sets.

    For #2, while sets on the back-end may be used for any time of record, including collections and entities, only object-based sets are currently supported in Pawtucket.
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    Hello everybody,

    First, have a nice 2019 year! :*

    I found this topic and I would like to know if now, 6 years later ;) with Pawtucket 2.0, we can use sets entities-based, places-based or others-based as public galleries?

    If not, do you think it would be easy to adapt Pawtucket's code somewhere to include these sets as galleries, just like object-based sets?

    Thank you so much.

  • No, I'm afraid not. But it's actually something we plan to work on this year.

  • Dear Seth,
    OK thank you, so that a good new and an interesting perspective.

  • Hi Seth, I was wondering if this was still an issue? I found that if I change the gallery.conf file from 0 to 1 for the following:

    --- include sets with any content or only objects

    gallery_include_all_tables = 1

    A public presentation with collections appear but the featured object is totally unrelated and the media doesn't appear. Please let me know how I might go into more detail. Thank you.

  • We haven't touched this in a while. We're working on a wholly new version of Pawtucket (and the Gallery interface) for later this year. Very few people (basically the population of this thread) use gallery for non-object records, which has kept it low on our todo list.

  • Hello,

    Changed the value gallery_include_all_tables = 0 to 1 in themes/default/conf/gallery.conf and it seems to work OK with collections in gallery for me. Is the feature in stable stage now, tested and ready for everybody to use?

  • It's been there for a while and works. But it's meant to be customized, so you should be sure to test it all with your customizations.

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