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Photos and texts in Pawtucket

edited July 2013 in Pawtucket
I'm trying to create a few records with Collective Access Quickstart version, and I have problems with Pawtucket.
I made my objects in Providence, with title, object identifier, administrative/biographical history element, dates, type, related object and some photos visible in the summary. But Pawtucket shows me only the title and, instead of the photos, a white rectangle.
I would like that all the information I put in Providence would be shown in Pawtucket, in particular the photos!


  • In order to display your Providence metadata in Pawtucket, you'll need to configure the page. To do so, copy "# --- attributes to display on detail pages" from app/conf/app.conf into /themes/your_theme/conf/app.conf. Make sure to use the elementCodes for the attributes. For the photo, make sure that the access status on the media in Providence is set to "accessible to public."
  • Sorry I can't find /themes/your_theme/conf/app.conf. I have to search it in Providence or Pawtucket?
    And the photos are all set to "accessible to public" in media in Providence.
    Thank you in advance!!
  • There is no theme called "your_theme"---that is my placeholder for whatever theme you have chosen. You need to use a preexisting theme or you must create a new one in order to configure Pawtucket. The theme is set in setup.php and out-of-the-box the software uses "default".

    Try setting "dont_enforce_access_settings = 0" in app.conf and see if the photos show up.
  • I m having the same issue with my install of Pawtucket. I have white boxes with a black x on them. I have tried all the solutions that you mentioned here but none worked.
  • To clarify, dont_enforce_access_settings should be set to 1. Is that what you tried, jrivera?
  • Yes I did but the theme still doesn't show.
  • Your images are broken. Take a look at the URLs the system is generating. You have an incorrect setting somewhere, or you didn't bother to symlink the media folder properly. Good luck.
  • My images show fine. The symlink is done properly. The problem I am having is with the theme. The theme is not showing correctly. Why would the theme not show? Please advise.
  • It looks like it is pointing to the wrong path to access the theme. It is pointing to /Pawtucket/var/www/html/themes when I think it should be pointing to /var/www/html/Pawtucket/themes. I looked for this setting to fix but I can find the setting. Please advise.
  • Your configuration is wrong most likely. Look it over carefully.
  • Lol thanks for the insight....
  • Forgive me, but you always have to configure the page to show what you put in providence in pawtucket, or it is a problem?
    Because for who is not a computer programmer it is really difficult!
  • Hi bbb. Yes, it always must be configured and that's because CollectiveAccess allows you to create custom fields. With unique fields in every installation, there can be no default display for all users. The simple comma separated list of codes in app.conf is designed to allow users to add fields to the screen without programming.

    In future releases of Pawtucket we hope to provide more graphical tools for configuration.
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