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Batch Import

Hi everyone

I'm trying to import a number of photographs to my Collective Access installation (Application version 1.4, Schema 81).

I've uploaded the images to my Import Folder, and used the import media function. However the program keeps producing an error:
CommonPower.jpg: Skipped CommonPower.jpg from Temp because it already exists

I have tried separating the files and uploading them from different folders to see if that helps and tried changing the names of the files, but it has't helped. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, as an aside, what is the easiest way to automatically assign files uploaded via the batch importer to a collection?



  • The detection of duplication is based upon image content, not file name. The image that is being rejected exists somewhere in your system, I'd bet.

    The easiest way to automatically assign newly uploaded files to a collection is to add them to a set during import (there's an option for this in the media importer), then batch edit the set to add everything to a collection.
  • Thank you Seth for replying.

    I'm not sure that's possible that the image exists on the system. I have 340 objects in total in the system, and I've tried to do a batch import of 640 photos, and every one of them had the same error.
  • Well it's looking for images with the same md5 hash and finding them. Maybe something is going wrong with the md5 hashing on your system? (I'm really just guessing).

    Can you send me the full set of error messages you're getting?
  • I sent it to you now Seth.

  • Thanks. The error messages indicate that it's finding those files already loaded. Can I see the actual system somehow?
  • Collective Access or the server itself? Collective Access would be easy but the server might be tricky...
  • Just CollectiveAccess. I don't need direct access to the server.
  • Ah ok. I'll email you.

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