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Object jpg images (photos) appear darker in CA webpage than when viewed using other apps

edited July 2013 in Troubleshooting
In our deployment of CA (Providence not Pawtucket) uploaded object jpg images (photos) appear significantly darker when viewed in CA web pages than when viewed using other apps, side by side, on the same monitor. Any one else experience this? Any solutions to make images brighter in CA without changing the original image file?




  • Are you using ImageMagick? Your installation is either broken (some versions of IM are buggy) or lacks color management. Make sure lcms is installed and try uploading an image again. The fix definitely lies in your installation of ImageMagick (or GraphicsMagick.)
  • Preamble...our CA is installed on a BlueHost shared hosting Linux environment in the cloud. So far CA is working very well in this environment, especially since the shared hosted server cost less than $10 per month!

    Anyway, ImageMagick comes pre-installed in this environment but for some reason it is a 3.x.x version and the latest ImageMagick release is version 6.8.6. So a guess I will need to ask Bluehost to upgrade ImageMagick and it may take a while.

    In the mean time, I researched GraphicsMagick as an alternative and it seems to have better performance compared with ImageMagick. So I installed GraphicsMagick on the shared hosting server. The install seemed to go OK but the CA "Configuration Check" reports the GraphicsMagick Status as "Not Available" because "Didn't load because GraphicsMagick executables cannot be found".


    1. Does CA have to be configured somewhere so it knows where to find the GraphicsMagick executables?

    2. BlueHost Shared Hosting environments restrict "root sudo" commands. Does anyone know if GraphicsMagick required "sudo" prefixed commands to run?

  • Same thing happened to me, but it is only about the medium, large scale and thumbnail copies CA does when uploading one image individually (BTW, it is also unpredictable about compatibility). Batch upload manages the image resizing properly. Using CA 1.4, has any improvement been done on this issue?
  • We just throw the images into whatever processing backend you configured and store the result. It's really not a CA issue.

    Also, the batch upload uses the same processing code as the individual upload.
  • Thanks. Just for the record: the problem was solved by installing Imagick. Is there a way to rebuild the smaller-thumbnails and medium size images?
  • Yup, look into the utility in support/bin/caUtils.

    Try the help/manual at:

    support/bin/caUtils help reprocess-media

    and be sure to select whatever versions you want to recreate using the versions parameter. Otherwise it'll recreate all derivates.

    Also, Imagick has been known to cause problems in the past too. It would just crash php every once in a while, so if you now start seeing segmentation faults in your php scripts or apache error logs, consider moving over to Gmagick. 
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