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[resolved] Conflicting Storage Locations Hierarchy

edited September 2013 in Troubleshooting
I am new to Collective Access and charged with the task of refining our structure for cataloguing. Current version is 1.3, and I am also new to the company so I have no knowledge of the installation process or version upgrade.

Here is my issue....

I generated a storage location type list (buildings, floors, etc.), and that works fine. And since a hierarchy with locations does appear, I had initially edited those entries listed.

According to the forum discussions, wiki and user guide, it is advised that all hierarchys and any vocabulary lists should be managed through the "manage lists and vocabularies" setting. Now this is where I get confused: There was no "storage location" hierarchy, and so I created one and began populating it (still not finished). I have configured my metadata element to use the correct storage location hierarchy, but going back to the "find storage location" hierarchy, it displays that initial list, not the correct one. How can I fix that?

I suspect taking a look at and editing my configuration file would help, but unfortunately I do not have permission yet from our IT dept. to do so.

I have attached some screen shots for comparison.


  • Storage Location Types (buildings, floors) are managed in "Lists & Vocabularies." However, actual Storage Locations are created under "New --> Storage Locations" and retrieved and managed via "Find-->Storage Locations."
  • Jon: I understand that the location types are managed differently, that part works fine.
    I guess my question is, how do I get these storage locations to show up in my metadata element, so that I can select them when cataloguing? I have it set to "list" so I can at least access some type of vocabulary.

    Maybe I'm looking at this incorrectly, but two me it seems like something is just not linking.
  • edited September 2013
    Let me see if I understand you correctly: "how do I get these storage locations to show up in my metadata element, so that I can select them when cataloguing?"

    It sounds like you need to place a bundle for "ca_storage_locations" in your cataloging editor, so you can, for example, select a Storage Location when cataloging an Object. If that is correct, you do not need to create a Metadata element of type: List.

    Instead, this would be a relationship bundle, just like Related Entities, Related Objects and so forth. In the User Interface for the Object Editor (or whichever Table you are cataloging in), add ca_storage_locations ("Related Storage Locations" to the list of available elements.

    This will allow you to retrieve existing storage locations, via a "type-ahead" field and relate them to the record you are cataloging.

    Manage -> Administration -> User Interfaces -> Select Editor -> Select Screen -> then drag "Related Storage Locations" from the "Available Editor Elements" to the "Elements to display on this screen"

    When that's all said and done, the element itself operates as a type-ahead, as I mentioned. If you begin typing in a Location, a search will commence, and display a list of matching locations for you to select.
  • Ok, so this part is also done correctly, and it is pulling from the correct list (when cataloguing items). So then it is not the metadata element afterall.

    What's incorrect is the hierarchy in: New (and) Find > storage locations. I'm confused about this portion: Are there two separate storage location hierarchies, one that is in the "manage lists and vocabularies section," and another in the "find (or new) storage location?"
  • edited September 2013
    No, Storage Locations are not managed in Lists & Vocabularies. They are created in New -> Storage Locations. They can be retrieved for editing in Find->Storage Locations.

    The only thing you should be managing in Lists & Vocabularies (regarding locations) are Storage Location Types, which corresponds to the "Building, Room, Shelf" drop-down menu.
  • Oh! Ok, excellent.

    It looked like the bundle with the correct name (related storage locations) had the wrong element code.

    It now displays properly. Thank you SO MUCH!
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