objectSplitter - how to map relationships to defined entities or lots?

edited January 2014 in General Support
When creating a mapping and using the object splitter, is there a way in the JSON code to also map that new object being split to an already defined collection or entity, for example? How would I write that?

Here is a simplified version of my objectSplitter JSON, trying to create a further relationship to the new object's entity, collection, and lot. I'm just not sure what the element would be .....

"relationshipType": "part_of",
"objectType": "transparency",
"attributes": {
"idno": "^42",
"description": "^6",
"still_format": "^8",
"stillImage": "neg_type1",
"entity_id": "^34",
"ca_collections.preferred_labels": "^20",
"lot_id": "^21",
"archivist": {
"archivist_name": "^22",
"archivist_workflow_stage": "^23",
"workflow_date": "^24"


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