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Batch import media


I am using CA version 1.4 and I am trying to import a folder of images through the batch import media function (providence: import->Media). I would like to match the name of the folder with an object idenfier of an already created object and associate those images (contained in the folder) as "new objects" and not as "objects representation". Let me explain, now I am able to import the entire folder and associate the all images to one objects as objects representation or import the all images creating many new objects, but I can't automatically associate those new objects to another object previously created. Any suggestion?



  • Hi Dave,

    You are able to import images, matching them with previously created object records - provided that the filenames of each image match their respective Object Idnos. You are also able to import a directory of images to a single object record, as you point out, provided the folder name matches the Object idno. In the latter case, several images will be imported as the representation of a single object. In the former case, you can match individual files with individual (pre-existing) object records. But the filenames themselves need to match. (Not just the directory name). Does this answer your question?
  • Hi Jon,

    thanks for the super-fast answer!!

    What you said is correct. But I wonder: is it possible to match a folder with a single object (both with the same name, of course) creating a new object (of a specific type) per each file in the folder -  instead of creating one object representation per file? 

  • Not exactly. The media importer brings in object representations - it can match those object representations with existing Object records, or it can generate new, "empty" Object records for each representation.

    Is your end goal simply to have each Object record relate to a single, top-level object record (the one the folder is named after)? If so, couldn't you run the import generating new object records for each file, create a "Set" of imported media, then use the Batch Editor to relate every record in the set to the top-level object?
  • Hi Jon,

    you got the point! I solved my problem following your tips!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Awesome!
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