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Text Encoding Initiative (TEI)

Hi to everyone,

I will work on a part time project for the university, here at Le Mans, on an european research project targetted on "Reading in Europe: Contemporary Issues in Historical and Comparative Perspectives".

This project has its roots in the online database UK-RED (Reading Experience Database) :

And you know what ? It will use CollectiveAccess, instead of its initial objective to use Omeka :-)

I intend to build a profile based on TEI, eventually followed by a second, my customized version for the P-RECICH project.

I've seen the TEI importer tool, and some articles on HSP project with TEI, and this ticket reported by John on clangers :

Has any one worked on a TEI profile or only on partials or derivated ? 
I'm asking here to avoid reinventing the wheel. I might have some support on doing it a very multilingual way, as there are more than 50 participants to this project from 12 nationalities.




  • Hi Gautier,

    We added TEI to the available input types supported by the data importer/exporter. While there is not a default TEI-compliant profile configuration (at least not one that we've developed), it is certainly possible to import TEI XML to any CollectiveAccess system. You can also write an export mapping that will retrieve CA data as valid TEI.

    Writing the import/export mappings for TEI is simply a matter of using XPATH to retrieve the data, and formulating the export mapping structure to validate against the TEI schema.

    We would be very interested to see the TEI profile you build!

  • Hi John,

    I've seen the the import part of code for TEI, I would naturally share the profile, don't hesitate to get me in touch if someone talks to you about TEI :-)

    Best to all of Whirl-i-gig team,


    [Translation update and wiki translation to french on a faster way coming :-) ]
  • Hello team! Greetings from Spain!

    I'm searching for a CollectiveAccess plugin that imports TEI, or a spreadshert with a valid Xpath mapping that imports TEI content to a CA object,
    anyone could help me?

    Thanks in advance
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