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How to: displaying list items as checklist containing a text-area

edited March 2015 in Troubleshooting

Is there a way to make list elements displayed as checklists with an additional text-area in the container? I can't achieve this in UI. It's throwing a strange error. 

To illustrate, I want to create a checklist like the attached image (i.e. displayreq.jpg) having a text area ("others specify"). 

When I created the same in CA (i.e. CA_checklist.jpg), tried to put a text area in a separate container inside the checklist. But it always shows some numeric value like: {{552}}, and doesn't save any value. Looks like CA doesn't support containers inside checklist. 

Please suggest, how can I achieve the same (i.e. displayreq.jpg)?


  • No, it doesn't support Containers inside checklists. The behavior you're seeing looks like a bug though. Is this Providence v1.4?

    Have you tried just creating a Container element with two sub-elements: The List element with the checklist option and a Text element for the "specify" field? There is no way to have the Text box appear when you click the "other specify" option though, it'll always be there and people can fill it out even when other options are selected.
  • Hi Stefan,

    thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm using Providence v1.4 .

    I tried container with two sub-elements. It throws an error: "Setting render is not valid: Sub-elements may not be used as checklists"

    It's fine having the textbox appeared always (i.e. I can control that through custom js too), but I need to have the checklist and textbox in the same container in the first place.
  • Oh, well apparently it's not supported then. I just double-checked and this is still the case in the current code. Sorry about that!
  • edited March 2015
    Thanks for your help, Stefan. 

    Please resolve this UI issue in your next version. Programmatically I don't understand why it wouldn't be possible to render checklist and textbox in a same container. It sounds like a bug.
  • Seems like this is still the case. My workaround was to create metadata elements for each list element and put them together in a container. Elements that required text such as your "specify other" were put in their own container within the overall container. A bit of work, but it works for me.

  • We don't allow repeats of sub-elements within containers (containers can only be repeated as a unit). Therefore checklist don't apply because they are used for multi-select of lists. Radio buttons or drop-downs are supported within containers.

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