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Search fields

Is it possible to create an advance search field for "related objects of x type"? For example, I have two types of objects that are often connected: surveys and historic properties. What if I'd like to conduct a search for every historic property that is related to a certain survey? I know it's possible to have related objects listed on detail pages, but my supervisors weren't too keen on that for an aesthetic reason. Often there can be thousands of historic properties associated with a survey, so for the related objects to ALWAYS appear on the Survey's detail page would be overwhelming. However, we do want the option of searching for them in that manner. How would I go about formatting this in the advanced search form? 


  • To be clear, you're wanting to search for an object by related objects? If so, this would require specific indexing configuration to work that is available in version 1.6 but not really tested (we have one user that relies upon it).  It is not possible to search only on related objects of a specific type. You can search for items related with specific relationship types though, which might be enough for your application.

    Assuming the indexing is in place in the advanced search form you'd just lay down a form element using ca_objects.related. If you want to specify one or more relationship types, follow it with a "/" and a comma separated list of type codes. Ex. {{ca_objects.related/relationshiptype1}}

  • Yes, that's correct. I'm trying to search on my front end website by related objects.  And I think using the relationship type would be perfect in this case. 

    However, I actually had already tried to use the form element "ca_objects.related" without any luck, so I'm thinking the indexing isn't correct. What document do I need to fix this in? 
  • What fields do you want to see on in the related objects?
  • Well, I'd like to search on the survey title. In this case I have historic properties and surveys of those properties. I'd like to have a field in the historic property advanced search form where I can search "Title of Related Survey." 
  • Hi Seth,

    Any further ideas on this problem? 
  • Hi msjonesking,

    Did you already try putting {{ca_objects.related.preferred_labels/relationshiptype}} in your search form?  It should work without further configuration.
  • Thanks, Sophie!
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