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Locale switching in Pawtucket2

Hi, I need advice about locale switching in Pawtucket2
Currently I'm using following code (partially taken from Pawtucket1):
# Locale selection
global $g_ui_locale;
$url = explode('/lang', $this->request->getRequestUrl());
if (is_array($va_ui_locales = $this->request->config->getList('ui_locales')) && (sizeof($va_ui_locales) > 1)) {
print caFormTag($this->request, $this->request->getAction(), 'caLocaleSelectorForm', null, 'get', 'multipart/form-data', '_top', array('disableUnsavedChangesWarning' => true));
$va_locale_options = array();
foreach($va_ui_locales as $vs_locale) {
$va_parts = explode('_', $vs_locale);
$vs_lang_name = Zend_Locale::getTranslation(strtolower($va_parts[0]), 'language', strtolower($va_parts[0]));
$va_locale_options[$vs_lang_name] = $vs_locale;
print caHTMLSelect('lang', $va_locale_options, array('id' => 'caLocaleSelectorSelect', 'onchange' => 'window.location = \'/'.$url[0].'?lang=\' + jQuery(\'#caLocaleSelectorSelect\').val();'), array('value' => $g_ui_locale, 'dontConvertAttributeQuotesToEntities' => true));
print "</form>\n";
The code is working as far as I can test it, but I need an expert comment is this correct implementation or not.


  • I think you might be the first one to do a multilingual setup with Pawtucket2.

    This looks okay -- the only problem I see with this is that it assumes /lang/foo_BAR is at the end of the URL because you just chop it off. That should work in most cases I suppose but I'm not sure if it covers everything. 
  • I'm trying to implement this feature.
    Just I am having a strange behaviour: I have defined three languages (it_IT, en_US and fr_FR), creating the corrispondent views for each language (ca_objects_default_html.php.it_IT, ca_objects_default_html.php.fr_FR).
    Now, starting with /app/tmp clean it works fine; but when changing language, without cleaning the cache, any code block like
     {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.idno"><H6>Identifier:</H6> <span class="trimText">^ca_objects.idno</span></ifdef>}}}
    get rendered "as-is", and not correctly interpreted.

    Any suggestion?
  • edited May 2019


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