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Changed interpreter in Pawtucket2-master /themes/default/views/Details/ca_objects_default

I down loaded Pawtucket2-master at the end of March2016 and installed it to run alongside an earlier version from 6 mths or so back.

I copied my default theme file to the new install and find the code is being interpreted in a different manner. In the 1st, to show the Photographer and 2 sources it produces the names and classes correctly.

In the new version the same code shows only the 1st initial of each name and no qualifier. Both versions  access the same database

The code concerned is as follows:-


echo "<BR>COUNT6 = ",$count;
if ($count > 2)
echo "<BR>COUNT7 = ",$count, "<BR>";
foreach($va_entities as $va_entity)
{$vn_relationship_type = $va_entity['relationship_typename'];
// if(strcmp($vn_relationship_type,"source") == 0)
// {echo "<div><H6><B><I><font color=#ff0000>Source of Photograph</font></I></B></H6></div>";
print caNavLink($this->request, $va_entity['label'], '', 'Browse', 'objects', 'facet/entity_facet', array('id' => $va_entity['entity_id']))." (".$va_entity['relationship_typename'].")X<BR><!--(prints 'source' beside name')-->";
// }


<I>old version</I>

COUNT7 = 3
John Shanks (Photographer)X
John Shanks Collection (source)X
THS Archives (source)X

<I>new version</I>

COUNT7 = 3
J (J)X
J (J)X
T (T)X

Can you help with this problem please.




  • The output of the array has changes. Do a print_r() on the array to see the current structure. You should also change the get() call that populates $va_entities to include the "returnWithStructure" option, which will get you most of the way to the previous return format.
  • edited May 2016

    Thank for your reply Seth. Using 2 differing files in 2 installations was very confusing so I reverted to only using the 1 version of ca_objects_default_html.php. This particular View file is now linked between the 2 installations.

    I can not understand why the code which reads the template should give differing results, but you must have a reason for it.

    Another problem I have just found is that html tag <B> is now being ignored when outside php code. Is this an error in the source code? Also an 'if (...)  echo "...." is being ignored.

    Could you please tell me where changes to Pawtucket2-master are documented?

    Thanks, Barry

    PS - a correction - the html code above IS inside php tags, sorry.

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