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how to implement movement-based object location tracking?

so I'm trying to setup movement-based object location tracking but it doesn't work. I am using this wiki page as a guide:

I created a movement record (New menu > movement option) and selected the some location and have also entered an existing object (I used object 1810) in related objects.

movement record screenshot

I then browsed to Object 1810 and I can see a new entry in the related movement.

object record showing related movement

But my issue is the object location is still the old one.

According to the wiki, the location of an object will be updated when any of the following occur:
  1. The location of an object is changed using the object location bundle in the object editor
  2. A storage location is moved within the location hierarchy and the record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location option is app.conf is set
  3. A movement record is manually created, a storage location is set for it and objects added to it
I would've thought no.3 would've been triggered for object 1810.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? relevant info/links are provided below.

Thanks a lot! :)

my local app.php
allow_duplicate_labels_for_ca_occurrences= 1
ca_movements_disable = 0
object_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = storage_loc 
movement_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = related
movement_object_tracking_relationship_type = part
record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location = 1
movement_storage_location_date_element = removal_date

current_location_criteria = {
    ca_movements = {
        movement = {
            date = pickup_date,
            template = ^ca_storage_locations.hierarchy.preferred_labels%delimiter=_➜_

my local browse.conf
current_location = {
                        type = location,
                        restrict_to_types = [],

                        group_mode = none,

                        display = {
                                ca_movements = {
                                        movement = { template = ^ca_storage_locations.hierarchy.preferred_labels%delimiter=_➜_ (storage) }

                        include_none_option = No location specified,

                        label_singular = _("current location"),
                        label_plural = _("current location")

my movement editor UI screenshot

"Moved to" UI field within movement editor UI screenshot

Also, according to the wiki, I need to replace "[movement type]" which I have replace with "movement". I got movement (only entry) in the list called "movement_types".

movement_types screenshot


  • Make sure the "object location" bundle in your object record (second screen shot) is set to use movement based tracking.
  • edited May 2016
    Hi Seth. Thanks for the response.

    I had a look at the wiki and I believe you are talking about this setting "locationTrackingMode" (I completely missed this and I apologize for that.). But I am unsure where to find this setting. local app.conf perhaps?

    I cannot access the server at the moment since I'm at home and the host is behind a subnet accessible only while at work.

    Thank you very much again! :)

  • You'd set that in the options for the bundle itself when placed in the UI.
  • thank you so much seth. got it! :)
  • edited June 2019

    I set up movement location tracking in CA v.1.7.8.

    My app.conf:


    Direct object-location reference storage location tracking

    (also set this for movement-based storage location tracking)


    object_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = related


    Movement-based storage location tracking


    movement_storage_location_tracking_relationship_type = destination
    movement_object_tracking_relationship_type = part
    record_movement_information_when_moving_storage_location = 0
    movement_storage_location_date_element = planned_removal_date

    current_location_criteria = {
    ca_movements = {
    movement_exhibition = { date = planned_removal_date},
    movement_laboratory = { date = planned_removal_date},
    movement_temporary = { date = planned_removal_date},
    movement_permanent = { date = planned_removal_date}

    and my browse.conf:

    ca_objects = {
    show_all_for_no_criteria_browse = 0,
    facets = {
    current_location = {
    type = location,
    restrict_to_types = [],

            group_mode = none,
            collapse = {
                    ca_movements/movement_exhibition = _("On exhibition"),
                    ca_movements/movement_laboratory = _("In Conservation"),
                    ca_movements/movement_temporary = _("Out of place"),
                    ca_movements/movement_permanent = _("On place")
            include_none_option = No Location Specified,
            label_singular = _("current location"),
            label_plural = _("current location")

    I executed bin/caUtils reload-object-current-locations,.

    Now I obtain the following object browse facets:

    But, when opening any one I get no objects:

    Please note that the selected facet is not shown after "Current Location:" tag.

    Any hint?

    Thank you very much!


  • Solved by changing in BrowseEngine.php rows 681 and 1897
    from (sizeof($va_row_tmp) < 3) to (sizeof($va_row_tmp) < 2)

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