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question/issues on data import

edited June 2016 in Troubleshooting
Hello. Just need some advice when it comes to importing (specifically movements)

Some info on my CA setup, mapping file and source spreadsheet.
  1. in my CA setup, all the affected meta elements that may receive data are set to optional/not required.
  2. This is my mapping spreadsheet in tab-delimited format:
  3. This is my source spreadsheet: Column 1 is just a sequence number I manually using Excel features/functions. The sequence numbers were not created using a formula. These are actual numbers.
  4. In regards to no.2 and 3, the actual files are in XLSX format. I only converted them to tab-delimited so I can use pastebin.

My questions/issues:

1. 5 minutes ago, I had 87 pages of movements when doing a basic movement search (Find > Movement > Basic search > * (asterisk)). After I rerun the import on the same spreadsheet, I am getting 120+ pages. Seems it's creating new movement records instead of updating existing ones. On my mapping file (row 24), I set existingRecordPolicy to merge_on_idno_with_replace.

2. When I was initially importing the data, I was not importing Movement title. And when using Find > Movement > Basic Search > *, the Movement title is showing up as "???". I then created an extra column in my source spreadsheet and put dummy data on it. I then modified my mapping file to suit (row 12 in mapping file). But the imported data still shows up as "???". How do I import data into Movement titles? I tried using ca_movements.preferred_labels but nothing happened.

3. Movement has a facility to attached a related object. On my source spreadsheet, I have provided the object ID number (column 2). I am trying to do this in my mapping file (row 3) but it's not working. I was using the relationshipType = "part" as that's what I found in the relation types.


4. Same as no.3 except I'm trying to do for related storage locations (row 4 in mapping file). On my spreadsheet, these are columns 3 to 11.

Can someone please help? thanks a lot


  • edited June 2016
    Hi Jayel, 

    you can upload the excel files here with dummy data. (easy to read than pastebin)

    1)  Please have a look what's you're actually saving as "idno". It maybe something coming from the "Multipart_id_numbering.conf" file. You actually need to match that idno with your data file. 
    Also, you'd want to try "merge_on_idno" rather than "merge_on_idno_replace" as existingRecordPolicy. 

    2) Try ""

    3 &4) It'd throw an error in the collectiveaccess log file or in the data import screen itself, which is a good starting point to debug. The best way is to try some dummy data first in the front-end data import screen to see if there's any error. Also, you can check the php error_log file.

    Please paste the error here for the last two issues when you find it.


  • all working now sami. Thanks a lot.
    1. added matchon: idno for objectsplitter
    2. using storagelocationsplitter instead of heirarchybrowser (saw the problem from your look at log tip)
    3. my movement title is getting populated now. I forgot an underscore between preferred and labels.....
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