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I am curious to know if there is some plugin on the way to have iconclass as an information service.


  • Not to our knowledge, and we have no plans at the moment to work on such a thing.
  • Iconclass is available as LOD ( and there is also a fairly sophisticated retrieval browser plugin (Harvester of Iconclass Metadata, or HIM service) available. See:
  • Thanks a lot!
  • edited August 2017
    Has anybody got their hands on implementing an IconClass Information Service with a similar functionality like the wikipedia Information Service?
  • edited August 2017
    I started working on an ICONLASS Infromation Service but since I’m really bad with PHP I did not manage to get it working. I started with the Wikipedia Information Service and kept everything. I changed caQueryExternalWebservice and va_results to resemble the JSON Output of ICONCLASS (which looks like this).

    Wikimedia example JSON

    And here is a simple python Script which I started to get to know the ICONCLASS API. It outputs exactly what I’d like Collective Access to save:

    It would be much appreciated if anybody could help us getting this to work
  • edited October 2017
    Well, maybe I could help.
    I do not know the CA application yet, but if you have some specific question I might be able to lend a hand.
    (I made the ICONCLASS web version)
  • Hi eposthumus! Thanks for checking in! We postponed the implementation of ICONCLASS which means that I did not look into it since August. We are nevertheless very interested in having ICONCLASS as a Information Service in CA. I will look into it and start asking you questions
  • I have made a JIRA issue for this. We'll try to get it done at some point soon.
  • thanks seth!
  • edited March 2018
    I got it working the way we’d like it to work, but rudimentary only. There is no switch for languages and it only parses the first page of search results from Iconclass. Nevertheless it works so until it’s properly implememted people who’d like to use it right now may do so. Find it here:
  • Hi @eposthumus, could you help me with the ICONCLASS API? Is it possible to define the language in which the API searches? It makes a difference weather I search for "soup" or the german equivalent "suppe". Using the english search word yields the best results now while on the ICONCLASS Website, after changing the language to german, the german keyword "suppe" does work quite as well. So I guess the API only searches in an english mode? Using "&language=de" in the API query does not work, so probably you could tell me which switch to use if there is one? Thanks!
  • Hi @kbecker, I took the liberty to use same structure of your to publish
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