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Changing the seach settings in Pawtucket2

Do not want to include entities in the search.

I am doing a site for family history. With that, I have family members that donated the items so a surname of Weber donated the photo, so when I search Weber, I also get the 200 that she donated, even though the object has nothing to do with Weber.

How do I edit searching to exclude entities?

I have searched all the files that I can think of and can not seem to find the silver bullet.......



  • The indexing used is that from the back-end, so the configuration file that controls the indexing Pawtucket uses is in Providence. The search_indexing.conf file in Pawtucket is only used for records that are added in Pawtucket (the data contribution form, for example).

    You can designate specific indexing as private – not used in Pawtucket. See (search for the word "PRIVATE" to find the relevant references).

    There are some new indexing options in the "develop" branch (soon v1.7)  that let you selectively PRIVATE-tize indexing for relationship types. Previously it was all entities are indexed private or none are. Sounds like you might need this option.

  • I think that did it. Thank You. I may end up playing with it more, but seems to have fixed my issue

    Any side affects that you know of?

    Love the program though. I think I started with 0.58 when it was OpenCollection. ;-)
  • No, there shouldn't be any side effects. Let me know how it goes.

    I can't believe you've been around since 0.58... makes me feel old!
  • FYI for anyone with the same issues and are reading this fix, I also had the same issue with Collections. It seems to work the same way as the entities.

    And Seth, 0.58 had a pretty ugly backend at the time, all those tabs... ;-)

  • It was inspired by Zope. That was cool in 2002.
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