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Customizing advanced search in Pawtucket2

I want to redesign advanced search form in Pawtucket2 such that it includes a few checkbox, drop down and tab controls. I was wondering if it is possible to do, if yes, any information how to achieve this?


  • edited August 2016
    Hi naeemmuhammad,

    You can create a custom advanced search in the search.conf file (see for a description)
    You can then create the new form named in the view field of your newly defined search using display bundles. To define a checkbox add render=is_set to the end of the bundle specifier (e.g. ca_objects.public_access%render=is_set). Adding a search field for a field controlled by a list or set vocabulary will automatically populate as a dropdown.  The render value for radio buttons is radio_buttons.

    Then, you can simply format the advanced search view to work with the jquery ui tabs.  
    You can use any php/html throughout the view as you would on any other page. Just the advanced search form itself adheres to the specialized markup.

  • edited April 2018
    Hi sophie,

    could you specify how this would work: „Adding a search field for a field controlled by a list or set vocabulary will automatically populate as a dropdown.  “

    I can use


    to search on related vocabulary terms with a restriction to one relationship type but I’d like to have a dropdown menu to choose from options.

  • Hi kbecker,

    If you change the element code to ca_list_items.item_id, you can use select=1 to display the values as a dropdown list.  Your list items will need to be set to "accessible to the public" to appear in this list.
  • Hi sophie,

    thanks for your help!
    Unfortunately I don’t quite get it: I want to search for objects with related vocabulary terms which are pulled from a list. Do I use


    ? (None of those work for me)

    When I use {{{ca_list_items.item_id%select=1}}} I get a drop-down menu but no values are there to choose from (I didn’t specify which list to use!). All list items are set to be accessible to the public.

    How can I choose which list to populate the drop down from?

  • Hi kbecker,

    Normally I would expect the following to work:


    However, the select option was developed for relationships between record types, so it's possible it hasn't been configured to work with list items.  I don't think there's a way to restrict the dropdown to a particular list.  If a type-ahead option could work for you, you could try:


    Alternatively, metadata elements of type "list" are configured to automatically display as a dropdown, so if you altered your setup a bit you could configure the form that way. ie:

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