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Adding facet content directly to page without Browse Menu

I am repeating a question that was asked three years ago in this discussion.

I have tried modifying the browse menu to print out facets without using the jQuery menus to no avail.

There was a solution to this problem using the splash page posted three years ago, but I am using the develop branch of Pawtucket2 and I don't know how to translate that solution to Pawtucket2.

If there are any tips that could help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


  • Hi Hagan,

    If you are simply trying to bypass the panel in the navigation menu, you can render the facet lists on a static page by adding the following to your view:


  • Hi Sophie,

    I am not trying to bypass the panel in the navigation menu. I would like to eliminate the menu and have the browse facets print out on the page. For example, I would like to print out 'artists' (our own element code) from ca_objects and a list of our collections from ca_collections on the same page. I am hoping that there is an easier way of accomplishing this than taking apart the browse menu code. I believe I am trying to do what was done with this splash page, print out links to object types but without use of the browse menu javascript. If my question is still not clear, let me know, and I'll try to give more explanation.

  • Hi Hagan,

    Do you want to list an artist/collection ONLY if there are objects associated with them, or just list all of your artists and collections on a page with links to their detail pages?

    We have a feature called "Listing" that allows you to configure a page that shows all of the artists in your system for example.
  • Hi Sophie, 
    I did not know about the Listing feature, so thanks for informing me. Is there an easy way to have the listing subviews print on one page? I am yes aiming to list all of my artists and collections on a page with links to their detail pages.


  • Hi Hagan,

    You could create a view in the Listing folder that renders the various Listing subviews, ie

  • Hi Sophie,

    I have created a view to render two listing subviews but I am receiving an error on the foreach loops - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

    I am using the foreach loop provided in the default listing subview on my listing subviews:

       $va_lists = $this->getVar('lists');
         $va_type_info = $this->getVar('typeInfo');
         $va_listing_info = $this->getVar('listingInfo');
        foreach($va_lists as $vn_type_id => $qr_list) {
            if(!$qr_list) { continue; }
            print "<h2>{$va_listing_info['displayName']}</h2>\n";
            while($qr_list->nextHit()) {
                print $qr_list->getWithTemplate('<l>^</l>')."<br>\n";   

    There might be something simple I am missing, but I am not sure.

  • Looks like nothing is being passed to your lists variable, either because it's not finding the Controller or because of incorrect configuration.
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