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Adding facets using browse.conf : Add translations (Solved)

Hello again,

I'm currently adding facets to browse objects on collective acces and i'd like to be able to get the new facets translated as the default facets are. Where can i specify the translations or is it possible to use the metada labels ?

Thanks again !



  • If you mean the labels that you put in browse.conf, when you specify label_singular and label_plural, use the _("") syntax that you see in the default facets, add the strings you put in between the "" and their desired translations to the usual app/locale/xx_XX/message.po file (where xx_XX is you locale) and follow the usual procedure for .po/.mo refreshes.
  • Thanks ! Will do !
  • Hi. I did this way, but cannot get facet terms translated on pawtucket2.

    Any suggestion?
  • Hi gbenigni,

    Once you've wrapped your browse labels in browse.conf  as yelto mentioned, you must scan and update the messages.po file - have you done this?

  • I added the _( value on source search string, updated the but Poedit does not recognize browse.conf _("xxx") strings.

    Probably I am doing it wrong.
  • Make sure you are including those files in the scan path for Poedit, and that the extractor is configured to look for _() in .conf files. Something like this for the extractor:

    ‪xgettext --language=Lua --add-comments=TRANSLATORS: --force-po -o %o %C %K %F

    (Note that using Lua as the target language seems to make POEdit happy)
  • For future use of this, don't forget to empty cache and tmp files from CA.Otherwise the new translations won't be displayed.
    Thanks for the help everyone !

  • Hi Seth. I'm coming back to this issue.
    I configured Poedit this way:
    I created this extractor

    and I am using the following translation keys:

    But I still cannot get translated the browse.conf file.
    I attach it's beginning here into for you to check it.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you,


    ---------------- browse.conf ---------------
    # Browse configuration

    # number of seconds to keep cached browses around
    # set to 0 to disable caching
    cache_timeout = 0

    # Configuration for object browse
    ca_objects = {
    facets = {
    other_registrar = {
    type = attribute,
    element_code = other_inventory,
    group_mode = alphabetical,
    label_singular = _("other registrar"),
    label_plural = _("other registrars")
    annex_type = {
    type = attribute,
    element_code = annex_type,
    group_mode = alphabetical,
    label_singular = _("annex type"),
    label_plural = _("annex types")
    current_location = {
    type = location,
    restrict_to_types = [],
    # show_all_for_no_criteria_browse = 1,
    group_mode = none,

    collapse = {
    ca_loans = On loan,
    ca_occurrences/event = On exhibition,
    ca_movements/movement = In transit,
    ca_movements/conservation = On conservation,
    ca_storage_locations = On site,
    ca_objects = On site
    display = {
    ca_storage_locations = {
    related = { template = ^➔_ }
    ca_movements = {
    movement = { template = ^ },
    conservation = { template = ^➔_ }
    ca_occurrences = {
    event = { template = ^ (event)}
    ca_loans = {
    out = { template = ^ca_loans.loan_out_date}
    description = Object current location
    include_none_option = On Site,
    label_singular = _("current location"),
    label_plural = _("current location")

  • Use the .po file in the release rather than your own.
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