Boolean searches, type-safety in ES

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[Prov 1.6.3 ElasticSearch]

Hello, we get incorrect results on some searches in ES (ok on SqlSearch), and by all appearances it could be a type-related issue. Example:

5 results (correct)

ca_sets.set_code:tstset OR ca_sets.set_id:tstset (or any other non-number string)
No results (incorrect)

ca_sets.set_code:tstset OR ca_sets.set_id:3992 (or any other number)
5 results (correct)

Note that ca_sets.set_code OR ca_sets.set_id is the expansion of the set access_point in the standard search_indexing.conf (and thus the standard set access_point fails). Thx.


  • Confirmed, ES throws an error NumberFormatException[For input string: "tstset"] but the catch in app/lib/core/Plugins/SearchEngine/ElasticSearch.php (L.372) swallows it up and silently returns the empty return set, a big no-no as the user is not aware of any issues and gets the wrong results, as the query might very well have results.

    Seems to apply to 1.7 as well.

    Reported in

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