Boolean searches in ES

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Another class of issues with boolean searches in ES (PROV 1.6, 1.7). It looks like

( OR (


( AND (

are both translated to the same query for ES, the date becomes a query filter in both cases. As a result the OR queries are incorrect.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? Thanks.


  • Looks like NOT queries are also not handled correctly, even basic ones. Extreme example: the query string
    smith NOT smith
    gets sent to ES as
    "(+(smith) (smith)) AND (ca_objects\\/deleted:0)"
    and returns all the objects related to smith, instead of none at all.

  • Hello again, in the absence of "works for me" reports, I have created bug reports in Jira,
    PROV-1925  (this one also involves SqlSearch)

    With the addition of PROV-1791 and PROV-1915 , we can probably blame the ES query rewrite engine for brawny ElasticSearch not really being boolean-smart...
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