Use of entitySplitter problem

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Hi all,

I'm stuck in trying using entitySplitter; always get in logs:
2016-12-26 7:10:23 - WARN --> [entitySplitter] No entity type is set for entity Test
2016-12-26 7:10:23 - WARN --> [entitySplitterRefinery] No relationship type is set for entity Test

Here's my data csv file (inline here, as csv files are still not enabled on forum):
ID, Author
1, Test

I'm using the testing profile.

Can anybody check my Refinery parameters ? I'm not 100% sure about them; that's why I didn't filled a bug.

I didn't filled a bug, but I'm pretty sure there's one here:
$pa_item['settings']['entitySplitter_relationshipType'] is not defined in importHelpers.php:785

Thanks !


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