Import to a 2-level containers tree does not work


Still working on importing data, and still having problems.
Here I'm trying to import a constant value to a metadata list inside a containers tree with this topology:

  • [kindness_c]: container
    • [subtree1]: container
      • [kindness_level_meta2] => list [kindness_level]
=> The value is not imported

You'll find the mapping file attached.

The data file is really simple:

Of course, "kind" entry exists in [kindness_level] list

=> the match is okay with one level of container less, or no level at all.

=> It seems to be the same problem when swiching from Constant to Mapping in the mapping file (and adding corresponding column to the data file).

=> in the case when [kindness_level_meta2] is required (checkbox checked in interface), an error message appears:
Could not import source ../../../import/problèmes/7/7.csv: (2017-01-19 22:58:35) [51] Could not add default label Value for kindness_level_meta2 [kindness_level_meta2] cannot be blank; (2017-01-19 22:58:35) [51] Invalid kindness_c; values were subtree1 = kindness_level_meta2 = 219; _related_related = ; _dontCreate = 1; _errorPolicy = stop; locale_id = 1:  Value for kindness_level_meta2 [kindness_level_meta2] cannot be blank

I'll fill two bugs for that, but I keep it here in forum in case someone have similar problem.


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