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Frontpage not working [SOLVED]

edited September 2017 in Pawtucket

I’ve sucessfully configured most of Pawtucket2, including Detail Views and custom static pages. One thing that does not work at all is the front page / landing page. 

I always get the error:

Errors occurred when trying to access /bpk/front/index.php:
View does not exist

When I click on the CA Logo respectively go to http// The URL points to index.php/system/Error/Show/n/2400?r=%2Fbpk%2Ffront%2Findex.php

I have configured a folder called front in the /themes/mytheme/views directory containing a index.php. I also tried to use different themes provided in the Github Repo, they all do not solve this problem and show the same error message. Everything else works fine!

Thanks for your help!


  • Hello,

    There should be a front_page_html.php file in your default theme (default/views/Front) that sets the view for your landing page. To customize the landing page, copy this file over to your theme/views/Front directory

    Also the directory "Front" should be capitalized if it isn't on your system, which also could be the issue.

  • Hi,

    I’ve copied the folder and the front_page_html.php file, the strange thing is that this does not work. If I rename the folder and rename the file to index.php I can easily call it via a custom entry in the pageHeader.php. Could there be a problem in my setup.php?
  • Hi kbecker,

    Did you copy all of the configuration files over from the default theme when you set up the site?  Maybe you are missing one.
  • Hi sophie, sorry for my late answer. I’m pretty sure I copied everything but we will be installing everything from scratch some time soon to be sure we did everything right.
  • Issue is resoved in the newest Pawtuckt2 Version.
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