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Pawtucket2 multilanguage

Hi. I'm running pawtuket2 commit c7bfdac on 28 Mar 2016

I'm trying to set-up a multi-language or at least a localized environment.
I set:
- in Providence I added it_IT locale;
- In setup.php: define("__CA_DEFAULT_LOCALE__", "it_IT");
- in /app/conf/app.conf : locale_default = it_IT and ui_locales = [en_US,it_IT];
-  I have copied /app/locale/en_US/messages.* to /app/locale/it_IT/messages.* and translated (and compiled) that file in poedit, so I have both .po and .mo files.

But it does not work.

Please help...


  • Hi gbenigni,

    Are you trying to display the UI in Italian, or are you trying to catalogue in two languages or both?
  • I catalogued in italian language, leaving in Providence en_US as data locale.
    I localized metadata, lists, entities, relations, UIs in Providence for it_IT locale.
    Now I'd like to have a dual language (en and it) pawtucket2, both for interfaces and (when existing) data.

    I read that is possible to set a languiage selector on Pawtucket2, like the one existing in Providence.
  • So the backend is working as you want?  For the front-end: 

    1. In Pawtucket2's local app.conf file, add the option:

    ui_locales = [en_US, it_IT]

    2. In your Pawtucket2 theme, add a folder called locale, and drop the en_US and it_IT local folders there (containing both and messages.po for each)

  • Ok. I've been able to change the language.
    But, is there any way to have a language selector i.e. on the top bar?

    Thank you for your help.
  • Yes you can create links such as:

    <li class="lang-en <?php print ($g_ui_locale == 'en_US') ? 'active' : ''; ?>"><?php print caChangeLocaleLink($this->request, 'en_US', '<span>English</span>', 'myClass', ['hreflang' => 'en', 'title' => 'English']); ?></li>

    <li class="lang-it <?php print ($g_ui_locale == 'it_IT') ? 'active' : ''; ?>"><?php print caChangeLocaleLink($this->request, 'it_IT', '<span>Italian</span>', 'myClass', ['hreflang' => 'it', 'title' => 'Italian']); ?></li>
  • edited February 2018
    Hello @sophie,
    In which files should we put this kind of links?
    Thank you very much.
  • Hi Margari,

    It would be best put these in your header or footer (located in the pageFormat folder) if you want them to appear on every page. 
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