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Trouble with Importing hierarchical list with Attributes

Hi there.

I'm trying to import a hierarchical list with the "listItemHierarchyBuilder". Its working fine up to the point, that i wish to import attributes too. The "listItemHierarchyBuilder" builds up different levels und the hierarchy is right. But if I also try to import the attributes in one mapping, it doens't show any data. I tried it a couple of times in different ways of inserting the "metadataElement code" to import data in the "description" of a list-item.

To give some Examples:
- "attributes": { "description": "^6"}
- "attributes": { "ca_list_items.preferred_labels.description": "^6"}
- "attributes": { "ca_list_item_labels.description": "^6"}
- "attributes": { "ca_list_items.description": "^6"}

and to achive any results i tried the following example out of "listItemSplitter":
-  "attributes": { "listItemNote": "^6"}

The result of all those mappings was, that there was build an list with a hierarchy but no data in the "description". While the import there were no errrors, or debugging messages at all.

I made a data sample and a mapping, to give you an impression what kind of list i try to create. ( The "preferred_labels.name_plural": "^6"-column in the Mapping is also only an example). What I try to achive through the mapping with attributes are columns for synonyms/alternate names, plural terms of subjects and typos.

So please give me a hint, how I can fix my mapping to get any data imported by using the "attributes". I'm aware that I probably named the wrong "metadataElement code", but I do not know how it has to look like.

Thank you in advance.



  • Are you trying to target a metadata element called "description" that you placed on the list item UI or on the description that's hardcoded to be bundled in with labels?
  • Hi Julia.
    I'm trying to target the description that's hardcoded. But that's only an example.

    I really want to target the alternate names/non_preferred_labels, wich are hardcoded to be bundled for list_items. And furthermore I want to classify them by differrent "list_item_label_types".

    I attached a sreenshot, that should explain, waht I'm trying to do.

    Thank you

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