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How to download PDFs from metadata element that is a File datatype?

I created a metadata element called "documentation_info" for objects, which has a datatype 'File'. I use documentation_info to attach PDFs to the object -- things like donation agreement letters, MSDS sheets, contracts, historical documents on the artifact ... it's sort of a catch all.

In providence, I can go to the summary view for an object and there's a little download icon next to each PDF that I can click to retrieve my PDFs. (See attached photo.) Is there a way to replicate this in Pawtucket?

I'm running Pawtucket 2 with Providence 1.7.3.

I assume there's a way to do this, since you can download photos/object representations in Pawtucket. So far, I've created a custom theme and modified [mytheme]/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php so that documentation_info shows up, but all I see is the filename. (See the code snippet below, and the next attached photo.) How do I add a download link? Do I have to request it somehow through the mysql database? I have to admit I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to php and mysql...any help would be appreciated!

<!-- documentation info (uploaded PDFs) -->
{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.documentation_info"><HR><H6>Documentation info:</H6>
     <span class="trimText"><unit delimiter="<br/>">^ca_objects.documentation_info</unit></span>


  • Hi prothjohnson,

    There is a relatively new option that allows you to output the media url so you can construct a download link.  Try:

    print $t_object->get('ca_objects.documentation_info', array("version" => "original", "return" => "url"));
  • Thanks, sophie! That helped a lot.

    For reference, here's how I ultimately solved the problem:

    <!-- documentation info (uploaded PDFs) -->
    {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.documentation_info"><HR><H6>Documentation info:</H6>
            <span class="trimText">
                    $names = $t_object->get(
                    $links = $t_object->get(
                            array("version"=>"original", "return"=>"url", "returnAsArray"=>true));
                    $arrlength = count($names);
                    for($x=0; $x<$arrlength; $x++) {
                            echo "<a href=" . $links[$x] . " target='_blank'>" . $names[$x] . "</a>";
                            echo "<br/>";
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