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JPG orientation problem after import


I am experiencing a problem where some jpegs that are uploaded in landscape / horizontal orientation are rotated to a landscape / vertical position. I am using GD for image processing. I have tried using Imagick and experienced the same problem. I am using the current 1.7 version of Providence, though I notice this same problem happens on an older version of Providence too. In my last image import, I imported about 50 jpegs and about half were rotated even though all the images are the same height and width. I am not sure if there is a problem with the image or the image processing and import. Any help is appreciated.



  • edited June 2017

    These images are probably coming from a digital camera or cell phone? Images from digital devices will often have embedded in their EXIF metadata an orientation value indicating how the camera was held when the image was created. CA will rotate the image to compensate for this, allowing an image taken with the camera on its side, for example, to display in portrait.

    If the embedded value is wrong then CA will incorrectly rotate the image, which is what it sounds like is happening here. I would look at the camera and see if there are any relevant settings. I would also open a few of the images, both "good" and "bad" ones, in another program and see if that program opens them all correctly or makes the same mistake as CA. If only CA is mucking this up then file a bug report on JIRA ( and include at least one problem image.

    We might also add a configuration switch to disable the auto-rotation. Currently there's no way to bypass it.

  • Was image rotation as described by Seth ever added as a solution? If yes, how do we make sure it is set up?

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