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Speeding up Collective Access

Hello all, I'm fairly new to Collective Access and received little or no training.  I've accessed the program from several computers (home, work, elsewhere) and the program is consistantly slow at uploading images and duplicating records.  Does anyone have any pointers on how this can be sped up?  Someone suggested working with a desktop version of Collective Access then upload the days work to the internet version. I told them I didn't think there was a desktop version.
Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


  • Is it slow on other things or just uploading and duplicating? Where are you running the sever?
  • It's only slow when using Collective Access.  Internet, other programs are all very fast.
  • Ok, but all CA functions are slow? And again, where are you running the server?
  • No, not all functions are slow, just the uploading.  And the server is in the basement in a building next door to mine.  As I read what I'm typing, I think I've answered my own question.
  • edited June 2017
    Performance when processing media uploads, especially when file sizes are large, is going to be determined by several factors:

    1. The network speed between you and the server
    2. The performance of the server
    3. The back-end media processing software being used for processing

    For images (I'll assume images are the problem here), CA supports no less than five different processing methods. The slowest ones are also the easiest to set up, so it is entirely possible that's the issue. 

    Without details of your set up, I'm just guessing though.
  • Okay, thank you for the information.
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