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Is it possible to keep historical location tracking of locations?

Object location tracking works just as I need it (objects<->storage_location). But what happens if a Box location is moved? - How can I move a box from one room to another?  If I move it using the "Move" in the Location Hierarchy Browser I have no historical record.  All of the objects are still in the same location (box), so the system doesnt think they moved.  I do not think I want the clutter of creating a new box for every location the box may be in.

I tried creating a storage_locations_x_storage_locations GUI but it seems that locations arent allowed to have related locations.

Is there a way to track location of locations of a particular type?

Any ideas?


  • I have.  My problem is that a "box" is a location, and it looks (I may be reading this wrong) like I can only track the history of an object to a location, and not the location to a location as well.  Isn't the assumption that objects change location, but locations are static?
  • So it looks like I need to change to movement based location in order to track box movement.

    A few problems I'm running into:
    -Nothing has a "current location" anymore...even after updating locations via caUtils
    -I can not get any template to work with the object location bundle when it is set to "movement" - do you have a sample template?

    What else do I need to do to change from direct object-location to movement based.

  • Can you upload your configurations please? Profile/UI, app.conf, etc. come in to play so it'd be useful to see everything. 
  • OK, I have some progress but I cant figure out:

    -How does an object actually move?  Updating the location vie a movement record doesnt seem to update the contents of a location.

    -In the movement UI, I have two related locations (restricted to "from" and "to" locations) but I can not get the restrictToRelationshipType to work in the the  location bundle template
  • Can you also upload app.conf?
  • Here is my /local app.conf.  The regular (/app/conf/app.conf) is stock pulled from git today 
  • It's best to use only one methodology for this. Currently you have both Direct object-location and Movement-based configured. 

  • I had been using the direct object-location but then realized I need to track box-location movement so I am trying to convert over to movement based.  I would like to not loose the direct-location info while converting over.

    At this point I think I have most of the issues ironed out. The ca_storage_location_contents bundle doesnt have a default display template so I needed to add one to get the bundle to work in the storage location editor.

    I still need to get some reports converted.  I have not been able to get ^ca_storage_location_contents to work in a report.  I tried using getLocationContents('ca_movements'); but it seems to dump lots of unrelated stuff.  getLastLocation() seems to be direct object-location related.

  • Ok, I figured out how to use getLocationContents('ca_movements') to generate a search result set.

    I do have an issue that I suspect is a "missing the big picture" problem for me:  For any object, I would like the Current/Historic Locations to show the historic trail of the object's movement, and the object's location -- I would to know that object -> box, box -> new location, etc.

    If I include the object as a related object in the movement record of a moved location, then the Current location bundle kind of works BUT then the Location's contents thinks the object is located where the location moved to: ie object ->box, box -> room : now thinks object is located in both room and box,

    Any idea?

  • In the scenario you mention are you using both storage- and movement- based, or just movement?
  • I'm trying to move to just movement based.  I still have the storage-based bundles in the editor so I can see the existing history, but I am no longer moving objects that way.
    Same with the storage_locations_contents bundles in the storage_location editor.

    Something I do not understand: Where/what metadata/etc tracks the movement of storage_locations?  When I look at a movement record of a location movement, where is it recorded?
    My Object Location Bundle Template within the Object editor is: 

              <unit  relativeTo='ca_movements' >
                        <l>^</l><b><l>^ca_storage_locations</l></b> (moved on ^ca_movements.removal_date)
              </unit><i> (<l>^ca_movements</l>)</i><br/>
              <unit  relativeTo='ca_movements' >
                       ^➔_     <<<<<<------ Why does this work, showing the actual historic location within the hierarchy and not just the current spot??

  • correction/update:
      <unit  relativeTo='ca_movements' >

    For movement records of moved locations, this displays the correct historic location within the hierarchy.

    But for movement records of objects moving (I make this happen my adding a related object to the movement record) this will display the current
    position in the hierarchy and not the position at the time of the move

    ...if this makes any sence
  • Are you sure you're entering a date in the movement record that matches the app.conf configuration (pickup_date)? Are you sure it's the correct relationship type?

    There's been a lot of back and forth and updates from you on's a little difficult to follow without seeing your system. Would that be a possibility?
  • I sent you login info off-list.
    I changed  "pickup_date" to "removal_date" but I havn't noticed any changes yet.
  • OK, I think I found it!
    /app/models/ca_storage_locations.php ~ line 585:
    I changed :
            $va_location_ids = array_merge($this->get($x=$this->tableName().".children.".$this->primaryKey(), ['returnAsArray' => true]), [$this->getPrimaryKey()]);
    to: (removing children)
            $va_location_ids = array_merge($this->get($x=$this->tableName().".".$this->primaryKey(), ['returnAsArray' => true]), [$this->getPrimaryKey()]);

    and it now limits the contents to the actual current contents.    

    Is this going to create new problems?

  • An update:  It seems that a few lines latter:

         $va_object_ids = $t_movement->getRelatedItems('ca_objects', array('idsOnly' => true, 'showCurrentOnly' => true, 'row_ids' => $va_movement_ids));

    that the 'showCurrentOnly' is only returning the last object by date.  If there are multiple objects with the same dates, it will still only return one object.
    I first tried changing the line to:

         $va_object_ids = $t_movement->getRelatedItems('ca_objects', array('idsOnly' => true, 'showCurrentOnly' => false, 'row_ids' => $va_movement_ids));

    and it returned all objects correctly.

    It seems to me that showCurrentOnly is in fact broken,and should return all objects with the current date.

    so I restoredt showCurrentOnly  and changed  /app/lib/ca/BundlableLabelableBaseModelWithAttributes.php ~line 5756

                 foreach(array_pop($va_by_date) as $vs_v => $va_rel) {
                                $va_rels_for_id[$vs_v] = $va_rel;


                foreach($va_by_date as $vb_by_date){
                              foreach($vb_by_date as $vs_v => $va_rel) {
                                  $va_rels_for_id[$vs_v] = $va_rel;

    and this seems to work ok.

  • This was fixed in the past; what code are you working with?
  • pulled from git/develop about 1 week ago
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