Pawtucket2 Between tag

I'm trying to display dimensions in my test Pawtucket2 instance, using the <between> tag to place an "x" between values if available. I've copied the display template that is in use in my "old" production site into the new test object details page, and when I display three variables, I get the first <between> value repeated twice - e.g. 21 in L x x 3 in W x 4 in H.  I can replace the "x" with a different value, and that new value is repeated, so I don't think it is the case that there is a rogue display template hiding out somewhere else. 

If I choose to only display 2 variables (L x H, for example) I correctly only see one separator.

My existing display template, below, is working fine on my old Pawtucket site.

^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_length <ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_length">L</ifdef><between> x </between>^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_width <ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_width">W</ifdef><between> x </between>^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_height<ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_height"> H</ifdef>; <ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_thickness">Thickness: ^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_thickness; </ifdef><ifdef code="ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_weight">Weight: ^ca_objects.dimensions.dimensions_weight; </ifdef>


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