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Pawtucket2 Displaying repeating hierarchy bundles

We have a repeatable hierarchical value attached to one object type in our collection.  I'd like to have it display in Pawtucket2 like:

Parent1 > Child1 > Grandchild1
Parent2 > Child2 > Grandchild2

Instead, I get:
Parent1 > Child1 > Grandchild1 > Parent2 > Child2 > Grandchild2

My current display template looks like this:
{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.materials"><H6>Materials:</H6></ifdef>
<unit delimiter="<br />"><unit>^ca_objects.materials.hierarchy.preferred_labels.name_plural%delimiter=_➞_</unit></unit>}}}

I've toyed around with a few other variations of nested units, but without success.


  • Try

    {{{<ifcount min="1" code="ca_objects.materials"><H6>Materials:</H6>
    <unit delimiter="<br />">^ca_objects.materials.hierarchy.preferred_labels.name_plural%delimiter=_➞_</unit></ifcount>}}}
  • Hi Sophie,
     That gives me the exact same results as my first attempt:

    Parent1 > Child1 > Grandchild1 > Parent2 > Child2 > Grandchild2
  • This works for me:

    {{{<ifcount min="1" code="ca_objects.materials"><H6>Materials:</H6>
                                        <unit relativeTo="ca_objects.materials" delimiter=" ➔ ">^ca_objects.materials.hierarchy.preferred_labels.name_plural</unit></ifcount>}}}

    (You can leave out the "ca_objects.materials" in the <unit> that is relative to ca_objects.materials, but I've left it in on the theory that it's clearer that way. Feel free to disagree :-)

    The key bit here is the "relativeTo". By setting it to ca_objects.materials you are forcing that unit to be evaluated for each repeat of that element. 
  • I'm sorry to say that I see no change in my output. Both hierarchies are listed together as one long string.

    Could it be that we have our hierarchical list set up in a way that is preventing this from working?

  • No idea. In my test environment your template gave similar results to what you report while mine works.
  • Today I downloaded fresh copies of Providence and Pawtucket 1.7.5, to try to start from scratch with the existing database, using the default themes. No change with the fresh sites. I also tried building a new test hierarchy to see if I could get that to display differently but that also didn't work.

    My site is using PHP 7.0.22. Is your test environment on 7 or 5.6?  ...grasping at straws here.
  • I was testing with PHP 7.1. Can you send me a copy of your database + your theme?
  • What is the preferred way to send that to you?
  • Send it by email or dropbox to
  • It turns out I need some local help exporting from our database server - but will have that for you early next week. Thanks!
  • I found the problem. Fixes for this are in GitHub/develop and will be included in the 1.7.6 release. 
  • I downloaded the develop branch of Pawtucket2 today to give it a try, and am still getting the same result of all values in a single string. I double-checked to make sure I had the branch with the latest update applied to app/lib/core/Search/SearchResult.php
  • Make sure you change your template to the one I specified. Here it is again:

       {{{<ifcount min="1" code="ca_objects.materials"><H6>Materials:</H6>
            <unit relativeTo="ca_objects.materials" delimiter="<br/>">^ca_objects.materials.hierarchy.preferred_labels.name_plural%delimiter=_➔_</unit></ifcount>}}}

  • Ahha, that works! This one is slightly different than the earlier one, with a delimiter in both the <unit> and in the object reference.
  • There was an irregularity with how hierarchal delimiters were being handled, and it was defaulting to a hardcoded value. That got fixed in this as well.
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