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how to show list hierarchy of an object's metadata element?

I am having trouble displaying a list hierarchy in Pawtucket. For example, when I navigate to an object record and look at its installation group, I see "SRB walkthrough", when I expect to see "Major projects > SRB walkthrough". Using "" doesn't seem to help, either.

Here's the background:
For objects, I have a metadata element called "install_group_var" that reads data from a hierarchical list called "installation_group".

The "installation_group" list has data like:

Major projects
- 747
- OV-105 shuttle stack
- SRB walkthrough

In Pawtucket, I modified the file ca_objects_default_html.php in my theme to show the installation group for a given object. I added the code:
{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.install_group_var"><HR><H6>Installation group:</H6>^ca_objects.install_group_var</unit><br/></ifdef>}}}
For one of my objects, this prints out the text "SRB walkthrough".

So, to try to get the entire hierarchy tree, I tried this code instead:
For the same object, this doesn't print anything at all.

Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for your help!
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