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Annotations for images

Hi all! 

Is there a documentation available for explaining how to use the Related Annotations for Object representations? I'm trying to add annotations to an image I uploaded but I'm getting some errors. Also,I'm confused on what to encode on the sub-elements of the metadata (i.e. X, Y, Width, Height, Text X, Text Y, Text Width, etc.).

Thank you


  • The annotation interface in the representation UI is broken in some respects. Try adding them via the representations bundle in the object editor .
    Those X, Y, Width, Height, etc. values are the raw values the image viewer/annotation client is saving. They are there for debugging but aren't terribly useful from a user's perspective.

    There is documentation on how it works in the code itself if you want to look. All geometry values for annotations are recorded as percentages of the image's native width and height. Eg. for an image that is 2000px width and 4000px high, if an annotation is at 1000px width-wise, and 1000px from the top-edge height-wise the X and Y coordinates would be 50 and 25 respectively.

  • Noted on this, Seth.

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