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Installing Providence - setup.php stops on Splash Screen

edited August 2017 in Installation
In trying to get a server up and running, I've gotten to "In a web browser navigate to the web-based installer. If the URL for your installation server is" and am entering my URL with /install as documented. 

Instead of "Enter your email address and select the installation profile that best fits your needs. Then click on the "begin" button.",  I get the installer's splash screen and nothing else and no perceivable way to move ahead.

setup.php has been edited and rechecked several times to see if I've made an error. I can't find any.

MySQL is running, an empty database exists and the name is correctly entered in setup.php. 

Mac OS X 10.11.6, OS X Server 5.2, Providence 1.7.5

The Providence folder is in the web server's root directory, along with other functioning sites. It is renamed from "providence-1.7.5" to "caccess" but all contents have remained as they were with the exception of the duplicated and edited setup.php. Permissions to read/write is set for all.


  • Still haven't managed to resolve this and hope for some ideas.

    I get the logo and h1 display of version 1.7.5. The PHP never renders the rest of the page leaving several open tags; html, body, divs.... But I never get an error.

    PHP is running on the server, version 5.5.38.

    No sign of permissions issues.
  • I'm having the exact same problem on an Ubuntu Server 16 machine trying to install Providence 1.7.5. Would appreciate anyone's insight.
  • Hi,

    In your setup.php file are __CA_ENABLE_DEBUG_OUTPUT__ and __CA_STACKTRACE_ON_EXCEPTION__ set to true? They will display any errors in the system and without them you can get (by design) blank pages when exceptions occur.

  • I recall that the problem was that I did not enter the database information correctly in the setup.php screen. The other problem might be the permissions setting of the folders. Hopefully that works.
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