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Batch deleting media representations based on format

I need to figure out how to delete a set of media representations based on the representation identifier and format.

I have over a few thousand (eek) media representations (mp4s) that were imported incorrectly over the past year or so. I need to delete these incorrect representations and re-import the mp4s. Unfortunately, the representation identifiers are not totally unique -- for each object there is at least one jpg and a mp4 (example, FM02210.jpg and FM02210.mp4 both linked to the same object). Basically I need to delete any media representation that starts with FM and ends with .mp4.

I have configured my advanced media representation search to include the representation identifier, and I can do a wildcard search for "FM*", but I can't figure out how to exclude the jpgs from my search results. Any ideas for how I can get these media representations in a set so that I can delete them in one fell swoop?


  • Figured out how to get done what I needed to get done (this might not be the most elegant solution -- but documenting here for others who might have a similar issue)

    I needed to replace mp4 media representations that should have included watermarks. Several thousand mp4s were uploaded without watermarks because our media_processing.conf file wasn't configured correctly. After poking around, I realized I could use the caUtils reprocess-media command to just reprocess that media based on the new rules outlined in our media_processing.conf file. 

    Next step: isolating the media representations that needed reprocessing. I created a new display for object representations that included the collective access ID. Then, I completed my an advanced media representation search "FM*" in the Representation Identifier field. I exported these results as a tab delimited file, opened that file in Excel, and filtered by cells that contain .mp4 in the Representation Identifier field/column (since ultimately, I wanted to isolate all representations that started with FM (accomplished by my search within Providence) and ended in .mp4 (accomplished through the Excel filter)). 

    I then went back to the command line to run the bin/caUtils reprocess-media command, using the flag --ids to filter the command for "comma separated list of representation ids to reload." One thing that hung me up here -- the help page for reprocess-media says a list of "representation ids," which I thought meant the value from the Representation Identifier column -- however this is actually the collective access ID no for the representations that you want to reprocess. 

    And then finally, I had to change the display conf for pawtucket to use the h264_hi video instead of the original video. 
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