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Display more than 36 intems in the timeline


Is there any way to display mor than 36 items in teh timeline in Pawtucket 2?



  • Which version are you using? The current version should be able to display up to a couple of hundred items, if I'm not mistaken. More than that bogs down TimelineJS terribly.
  • Hi! Im running 1.7.3..I also get: 

    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in H:\xampp\htdocs\providance17\pawtucket2\app\controllers\SearchController.php on line 382
    When i try to acces the TimeLine..

    Running on a Windows 2012 server.

  • Hi!

    Found the parameter that sets the number of displayed
    items in the timeline:

    The file browse.conf in the themes/conf folder:

    # --- default number of results per page/ajax load

    defaultHitsPerBlock = 36

    Change this to 

    defaultHitsPerBlock = 100 and it works...

    I will open a separate thread for the SerchControler

  • You're running PP 7.1? This warning is due to a change in 7.1. There's a fix for it in the development branch, which will be a part of the 1.7.6 release.
  • Yes php 7.1 I Found a workaround but i dont know if it breaks something..

    This is the line
    that fails:

    if (($vn_key_start = $vn_start - 5000) < 0) { $vn_key_start = 0; }

    If I change it to:

     $vn_key_start = 0;

  • If you just initialize $vn_start to a numeric value if it's null you'll be ok.
  • Is the bug only in the SearchController.php or are there more places that have the same warning?

  • That's the only one we've seen so far. More users are starting to use 7.1 now, so we've been focussing testing on it as well.
  • Ok!
    Thank you so much for your help!
  • Is there anyway to set defaultHitsPerBlock per view? So that I still only parse 36 results per thumbnail page but up the count for timelines?

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