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Excluding media sub-element of a container when creating displays

Is it possible to exclude a sub-element of a container metadata when creating displays?

As a background, I have a container metadata for "Condition Reports" and one of its sub-elements is a media data type where we could upload and view a a complete softcopy of the condition report. As I was creating its display, I noticed that the media sub-element is still being seen in the display, even if I unchecked the 'Can be used in display' setting for it.

So far my display template goes something like this:

<unit><ifdef code="ca_objects.condition_incoming.condition_status"><b>Condition status:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.condition_status<br/></ifdef><ifdef code="ca_objects.condition_incoming.conservation_priority"><b>Conservation priority:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.conservation_priority<br/></ifdef></unit>

Is there something I could code so that the media sub-element won't be in the display anymore?

Thank you


  • Are you making the whole display relativeTo the condition_incoming container?
  • edited September 2017
    Hello Julia,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I'm trying to create a display relative to the condition_incoming container. I have since edited my code to:

    priority:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.conservation_priority<br/></ifdef>
    treatment/notes:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.suggested_treatment<br/></ifdef>
    by:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.examinedby
    by:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.notedentity
    event:</b> ^ca_objects.condition_incoming.relatedevent<br/></ifdef></unit>

    The 'Media' sub-element is still being displayed even if I didn't define it above, and did not enable Can be used in display.

    I also noticed that the 'Occurrences' and 'Entities' sub-elements are not being displayed.

    Thank you

  • What version are you running?

    Try enabling "debugging" in setup.php and using the display template tester that appears on the Summary screen. What is output for your displays?
  • We're running 1.7.5, and is on the cloud (Whirl-i-Gig)

    Right now the code displays the attached image when viewing an artwork's summary. 

  • Hi there, what do you mean is on the cloud (Whirl-i-Gig)? The debugging output will help you troubleshoot the template. Can you turn that on? A tester will appear on the Summary page.
  • Hello Julia. We availed of Whirl-i-Gig hosting services/subscription. From our end, we do not have access to the setup.php. Is there an another way to enable debugging from the web-based UI? Thank you
  • Hi mars, can you email me at I can turn it on for you.
  • Hello Julia,

    Thanks for enabling "debugging." I tried to test my code line per line and can confirm that the media is being displayed even without a code for it:


    I was able to successfully display 'Entities' and 'Occurrences' sub-elements by removing their 'ifdef' tags:

    My question now is if it is possible to not display the 'Media' sub-element of a container?

    Thank you!
  • I tested this on our dev server and it appears to be a bug. Could you please make a JIRA for the issue?
  • Hello Julia,

    I just created a JIRA for the issue:

    May I confirm though if the <ifdef> tag are not applicable to 'Entities' and 'Occurrences' sub-elements?

    Thank you.
  • <ifdef> can be used for any table in CollectiveAccess. The issue is independent of the ifdef tags, though.
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